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[T]here has been a lot of discussion around male submission and that is fantastic. But I have also had a lot of feedback about “men are already the ones controlling sexual dialog,” and yes, in parts that is true as well, but it’s not the reason to stop this work. It is ok to give energy to making spaces for sexually submissive men to feel welcomed because the very act of doing so breaks down the structure which pins me [a woman] as sub unless otherwise stated. It is good and proper to work for someone else’s benefit because every time you take down a system of oppression you take down a threat against yourself. In the end it doesn’t matter if you spend the time creating the opportunity for men to be vulnerable or for women to be strong since the real goal, my goal, is to demonstrate the possibility of strength in vulnerability.

Your liberation makes space for my own « Kink in exile

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And they say my generation is apathetic. Well, I won’t believe it. I say we are overwhelmed, for we are the first generation who hear others’ suffering in their own words.

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